A Regional Healthcare Leader

Laurus Healthcare is a full-service agency committed to providing strategic solutions for both clinical and non-clinical staffing needs. The unwavering commitment of our Team to deliver quality professionals is a result of over 40+ years of direct experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry.

Founded in 2010, our mission has always centered around identifying caregivers that are compassionate, dependable and the “right match at the right time” for the patient.  We ensure the patient match comes first because we understand the healthcare business is about more than just placing an employee, it’s about creating an excellent experience for the patient, the facility, and the patient’s family.  Our Healthcare Professionals are focused on making a difference.

Our standard operating practices ensure our Healthcare Professionals are within regulation and adhere to Joint Commission standards while being current on credentialing and continuing education requirements. Our advanced technological recruitment systems and personalized screening processes ensure healthcare facilities & professionals make the most informed choices for their businesses and personal careers.

Whether you’re the Healthcare Facility or Professional we guarantee a customer-driven experience that is second to none!

OUR focus

We focus on what we do best - connecting facilities nationwide with talented healthcare professionals. This enables you to spend your time on your priorities - running your facility or building your career. Laurus Healthcare is set up to meet your needs both on the client and candidate side regardless if you are looking for a single shift a month to a career change in a leadership position. 


Many staff level healthcare providers prefer the freedom to choose where they work, and consider themselves professional agency nurses.  Contracting a healthcare provider for 4-26 weeks offers stability for the healthcare provider and a consistency of care for the facility.  In addition with this model you can choose to become a travel nurse (local or national), and take advantage of the added tax advantages offered.  Ask us about our temp to perm model as well that starts by contracting the healthcare provider to make sure that they are a clinical and cultural fit for your team.

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If you a healthcare provider you probably have a full time jobs that offers you the stability and security of full time wages and benefits, but throughout the year you ay have a need for some additional income.  Our Per Diem Division would be perfect for you in that it offers you the flexibility to work when you want to work.  For our client facilities, you have your staff.  Your staff has been hired based on what you believe the census is going to be, and then the flu season is worse than expected.  You can utilize our per diem staff to get you through.

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Finding Your Next Healthcare Leader/Leadership Position

The landscape of the Healthcare industry is changing monthly, and keeping up with it can be a daunting task.  From the healthcare system consolidation to healthcare reform and new reimbursement laws and regulations, one thing remains constant; the daily need for the delivery of safe patient care.  Our Direct Hire Team focuses on finding your leaders of the future by delving into every aspect of your organization including the current culture and the specific hard and soft skills required for your vacancy.  We work with candidates and facilities from the Nursing Supervisor level all the way up to the C-Suite of Executives.